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The international student calculator will
help you work out how to manage your
money and build a budget for living and
studying in the UK.

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About the calculator

This website has been developed by Brightside, an independent education charity. We aim to help students prepare for the financial side of UK higher education. This site provides international students with an interactive guide to living costs, as well as useful info and student profiles. By using this tool and building your own budget, we hope that you will feel well prepared for UK study and confident about managing your money. Thanks to UKCISA and the students who helped us develop it. We hope that you enjoy using it!

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Case Studies: How do other international students manage their money?

Name: Dan-Habu

Age: 19

Course: Law with Business

From: Nigeria

Full Profile

Name: Aniket

Age: 20

Course: Economics

From: India

Full Profile

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The International Student Calculator is supported by:

Name: Melinda

Age: 21

Course: MSc Accounting

From: USA

Full Profile

Name: Fang

Age: 21

Course: Veterniary Medicine

From: Malaysia

Full Profile