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About Brightside and UKCISA

About Brightside: Connecting, Informing, Inspiring

Brightside is an education charity. We create, develop and manage online mentoring projects, and other online tools and resources.

Our vision is:

Of a world where all people are connected, informed and inspired to achieve their full potential.

Our mission is:

To use online technology to connect, inform and inspire more young people to achieve their full potential through education.

Brightside provides:

  • Ementoring – connecting individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds with an online mentor who can help them develop skills, gain confidence and explore their further and higher education and employment options
  • Teaching resources – supporting schools and universities to deliver engaging workshops about student finance, higher education and money management
  • Online tools – interactive games and resources about higher education, careers and money for all young people

Brightside is:

  • Expert – leaders in our field, experienced, respected, an authority on running high quality online mentoring projects
  • Trusted – creating safe and secure technology, a reliable source of information, and consistently delivering high quality support for our partners
  • Collaborative - working with a range of partners to create the best possible online projects
  • Evolving – finding innovative approaches to answer changing needs, encouraging and responding to feedback
  • Passionate energetic and determined to have a positive impact


The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) is the UK’s national advisory body serving the interests of international students and those who work with them.

UKCISA's aims

  • To increase support for international education and raise awareness of its values and benefits
  • To promote opportunities for - and identify and work to reduce obstacles and barriers to - greater student mobility
  • To encourage best practice, professional development and the highest quality of institutional support for international students throughout the education sector.

UKCISA's Activities

UKCISA achieve their aims by:

  • Monitoring and influencing government and education sector policy through close contact with senior officials, policy makers, MPs, partner organisations and sector bodies throughout the UK.
  • Producing regular electronic and print publications which keep members and students up to date on current legislation, regulations and resources.
  • Delivering high quality advice line services (for both members and students/members of the public) and training which both assist with immediate areas of difficulty and contribute to greater professional expertise.
  • Supporting, sustaining and expanding a network of members committed to the ideals of international education and the highest standards of international student support.
  • Initiating and encouraging research which helps to identify key issues and areas for future investigation and development.
  • Working indirectly and in partnership with others to encourage greater mobility from, as well as to, the UK.
  • Ensuring, through support from Trustees, its specialist staff and effectively managed resources, that it delivers highly valued services for members and other stake-holders.