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Why did you choose the UK?

For me, the culture in the UK was one of the main things that drew me to the country - I find it extremely fascinating how olden architecture intertwines with modern buildings. Luckily for me, the UK also happens to have some of the top universities to study Economics at!

Best thing about the UK?

The passion for football, and Friday night clubbing! Oh, and as crazy as people think it is, I also don't mind the weather too much actually.

Have you found any challenges living here?

Probably one of the biggest challenges was when my friends and I moved out of campus accommodation, and into a house of our own. It took some time getting to grips with having to manage our own house completely independently (cooking, cleaning, bills, etc.), while at the same time focusing on studies.

Have there been any surprises?

Yes, the shops here close at 5:30pm... Back home, this is the time we start our shopping at!

Where are you living (uni accommodation / private rented)?

Private rented - about 15 minutes from campus by bus.

How have you financed your studies?

I have been fortunate enough that my parents are able to fund my education.

What do you wish you had known before you arrived?

Would have been nice to know what places are good to visit around the UK as a student. Probably not enough information on the Internet about this from a student perspective.

Do you think your time here is worth it?

I would like to think so! I feel that I have really developed as a person. But putting it in true fashion of an economist, only time will tell whether it has been "worth" it.

How have you coped with money in the UK?

Weekly budgeting, and a bit of common sense really. Spending within my limits basically!

What advice would you give to other students coming to the UK?

Definitely prepare for the cold! But seriously though, just come with a positive mindset and be sociable. It takes two to make conversation!

Aniket's budget

Loan £0
Scholarships £0
University Bursary £0
Savings £0
Employment £600
Family and Friends £28000
Any other income (please specify) £0
Total income £28600
Tuition fees £18500
Accommodation £3300
Utility bills (Gas, electricity, water etc.) £250
Transport £1000
Food £1500
Shopping £250
Socialising £500
Study costs (books, printing, trips etc.) £500
Insurance £0
Clothes £250
Phone, internet etc. £50
Any other expenditure (please specify) £0
Total expenditure £26100