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Why did you choose the UK

Studied a under British curriculum in Nigeria

Best thing about the UK

Great transportation system

Have you found any challenges living here

I thought I spoke English but realised that English speakers from all over the world use the language in different contexts.

Have there been any surprises?

People weren't as racist as expected

Where are you living

Flat share with friends.

How have you financed your studies

Well my dad has :D

What do you wish you had known before you arrived?

That the weather was so unpredictable :(

Do you think your time here is worth it

Of course!

How have you coped with money in the UK

I'd like to say that use my money economically and wisely.

What advice would you give to other students coming to the UK

Come as you are in a place of such racial diversity there are opportunities for everything and everyone.

Nana's budget

Loan £0
Scholarships £0
University Bursary £0
Savings : £1200
Employment: £1600
Family and Friends £17950
Any other income (please specify) £0
Total income £20750
Tuition fees £12500
Accommodation £500
Utility bills (Gas, electricity, water etc.) £600
Transport £900
Food £500
Shopping £500
Socialising £300
Study costs (books, printing, trips etc.) £100
Insurance £150
Clothes £500
Phone, internet etc. £500
Any other expenditure (please specify) £1000 (Holidays)
Total expenditure: £17050