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Eating out

Cafes, uni canteen

You will be able to get cheap food from your student union, campus shops or university canteen. If you're going out for coffee or lunch, these places will probably be cheaper than the big chains. The food may not be excellent, but if you want somewhere to eat with friends, it's a relatively cheap and convenient option. However, eating in the canteen regularly is likely to be expensive compared to taking a packed lunch.


Even the cheapest restaurants will be more expensive than eating at home, but ask other students to find out where you can get cheaper meals.

There are chains restaurants where you could pay £10 for a main meal and non-alcoholic drinks

At reasonably priced pizza restaurants, you'll pay about £15-£20 for a main meal and non-alcoholic drinks.

When budgeting for eating out don't just think about the cost of your food but also your drinks. Soft drinks are around £2 each, wine around £4 per glass or £15 per bottle, Beer around £3-4. Expect to pay more in London than elsewhere in the country.

Some restaurants chains offer discount for students, or deals if you eat early or late. It's often worth asking!


Takeaways are an easy option but it will be expensive (and not very healthy) if you have them too often. The most common takeaways in the UK are pizza, curry, Chinese, burgers and kebabs. You can get some delivered to your home, and you can buy others in high-street shops. The food available will depend on where you are living.

Prices range from £8 for a medium pizza through to £15 for some types of curries. For fast food like kebab or burger, you can pay £3-6. 

Online ordering websites like Just Eat and HungryHouse can be useful for comparing prices and finding special offers.