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Free things to do

Museums and galleries

The UK's national museums are free to enter. This includes major London museums like:

  • the British Museum
  • the Natural History museum
  • the V&A
  • the Science Museum
  • the National Gallery
  • the National Portrait Gallery

There are also lots of free museums and galleries outside London, and some universities have museums that are free to students.

Society events

University societies give you the chance to try out a huge range of activities, often for free. There will be a Fresher's Fair at the start of the year, where you can find out what's on offer and sign up for more information. Societies will include sports, theatre, arts, music and much more.

Even if you don't join a society, keep an eye out for events like film showings, plays and comedy nights, which are often put on cheaply or free by student societies.

Walking and biking

The UK's varied landscape makes it a great place for walking and biking, even if the weather isn't quite so ideal. Wherever you live, there will probably be somewhere good to walk a bus or train ride away. Look online, or see if your university has a walking society.